GuangZhou Qing Zhuang Photographic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional photographic equipment manufacturer. it is committed to the seller of the Amazon, Ebay,LAZADA,AliExpress Global, Alibaba international , Taobao Tmall ect electric business platform that provide high-quality hot sell products. We can provide you with professional services no matter your are big sellers or small sellers.Please believe that our professional and enthusiasm.
As excellent supplier manufacturer,our products have quality guaranteed,adequate inventory, prompt delivery.  
Main products: tripod│monopod│LED light│Light stand│ selfie stick│sliding rail│shoulder pad ,ect photographic equipment.
It have professional designers ,research and development team, production and sales team to support own brand and OEM brand to meet any of customers requirements.
Company shall always adhere to the principle of high quality and best service in pursuing our business goal,Welcome to our factory for a visit, guidance and business negotiations. 

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Guangzhou lightly armed Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Pearl River Delta trade, foreign trade transactions of central cities - Guangzhou. Enterprise development, production, sales, network marketing in one, professional development, production, sales of independent teams. Yong companiesThere are three independent brands: "lightly armed era", "photographer", "SBLL" product includes photography tripod head, monopod, shoulder bracket, carbon fiber tripod, birdwatching head, camera bags, the companyWe have a complete and scientific quality
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